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You must have a Visible/Hidden/Invisible Illness, Difference or Disability to be represented by Love Disfigure Talent.


We want everyone on our talent board but sadly do not have the capacity to represent you all.  If you apply and receive a rejection letter, this does not mean you arent good enough or beautiful enough.  Each and everyone of you deserve the chance to be included in society regardless of how you look. Don't ever doubt yourself.  

If you get accepted into our agency, the next thing after the application will come a privacy notice which needs to be signed.  It just tells you that all your information is safely password protected and we will hold until you decide to leave.  We will also send you a welcome letter and a contract that needs to be read carefully and signed.  Its important to understand that we are a sole exclusive agency which means you can work with us and only us.  If anyone approaches you for work, you will need to give our contact details to the people interested, We will then take over negotiations with them so you can work with them. 


If you have a Disability, Visible Difference, Hidden Difference or Invisible Illness/Difference or Disability, please submit your photos and a short introduction about yourself to the below email address. We aim to get back to you as soon as we can and if successful, we will send you a full application pack.

Please submit your photos for review by sending them to:

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