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OUR MISSION: We are a Diverse, Sole Agency representing people with Differences & Disabilities by opening pathways for them to find work as models, actors and speakers.




OUR AIM: To create more inclusion & representation for people that are not normally seen or included in society.

OUR MOTTO: All Bodies are Different, Unique & Beautiful.


Disabled Owned

My name is Sylvia Mac.

In 2017, I launched an inclusive, diverse support network online to help others embrace their bodies. By setting up a swimwear photoshoot in collaboration with Swimwear365 our photos went viral. We appeared on IITV This Morning calling to be included as models on runways & actors in tv & film. My campaigning appeared on BBC World news online, BBC Womans Hour, Jeremy Vine radio 4 show, Channel 4 news, podcasts, ITV, radio & many more.

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Disabled Entrepreneur & Founder/CEO of Love Disfigure Talent Agency.

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